What so wrong with plastic fantastic?

I am sure we all remember, as a part of our childhood, the Mums' Tupperware party or the long afternoons playing with Lego. 

These plastics were a sign of a new time and started a bit of a tradition for future generations... But then came the consumer era and plastic was EVERYWHERE.

We all agree it is unbearable to look at photos or watch documentaries of oceans, forests, animals, nature polluted with plastic bag, sachets and more.

This very real problem is why we avoid any sort of plastic when packaging up your Sianna Skincare order. We use cardboard boxes instead of plastic envelope, tissue paper instead of plastic bubble wrap, and wood chips to buffer the products from each other.

But nature is not the only reason to avoid plastic.

Have you heard about endocrine distruptor?

These are chemicals that may interfere with your body’s endocrine system, doing nasty things to your developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune system. Guess what it's in... Plastic bottles.  

It is quite scary if we think about it because it is all around us, every day.

No panic! Deep breath!... Inhale!... Exhale!

Ok, what can we do?

  • Read labels on products to see if there are not too many chemical ingredients, try to find a natural alternative. Minimise the hazardous substances.
  • Go for fresh, frozen or dried food. (Most tin cans contain BPA.)
  • Drink filtered water.
  • Choose the right personal care products (like Sianna) ;)
  • If you HAVE to use plastic, go for plastic PP (#5).

At Sianna Skincare we worked hard to get packaging with principals. For our face products, we've used glass jars with bamboo lids. We shied away from plastic where we could, and when we did have to use it, we went for PP (no PVC, BPA, PET or LDPE).

It is not easy to ban plastics but we can, at least, try our best to reduce the use of it. For our planet and for your health, which we truly care about! :)