My everyday routine


What a such nice morning to wake up when everyone is still asleep.

Being the mother of three teens, I particularly love this moment (despite the love I share for them, of course!).

So my first step: Drink a large glass of cold water. It is like opening a pipeline to pull the toxins extracted during the night (this is a whole new subject - more on this on a future blog).

So this is the time to salute the sun, 3 times. I discovered this yoga technique a few years ago and it helps me feel ready to start my day. I wake up my muscles, my body, my chest, my mind.

And then, let's go! I like to take care of the awakening of my family, my tribe. Don't you think your mood for the day can be set by how you wake up? I want to start their day off with the right positive attitude (trust me, this is a work in progress - waking teens from slumber in a positive state!). I turn on the stereo and select a classic music radio station. 

Their breakfast is ready, as is their lunch... Yes, I know, I still manage it. French mum married to a French man with Italian roots! What you eat is important. It is my duty! One day, when the time will come for them to live their life, hopefully they'll remember this is "La madeleine de Proust".

But for now, I am on the starting blocks, ready to jump on last minute homework, forms to sign, some stuff forgotten, like maybe their head sometimes...  :-)

They are finally ready to go to school and then, the day is mine! I get started on my other love: Sianna Skincare. Going into my lab is a delight!

I like to enter and smell all the different fragrances from the essential oils. It is like a journey. They keep me awake all day, alert and able to to deal with the different tasks.

One of my favourite things to do is to mix the orders and wrap up the products carefully, as a treasure. I like imagine the people opening their box like they open a Christmas present. I like to take time to write a word for each of them, to be a part of their life for a fraction of second. I chat with our gorgeous marketing coordinator Sara about social media and choose her best photographs to delight your senses. I might meet with the handsome Cameron and the beautiful Debbie to talk about marketing so I can spread the word about Sianna. I look for stockists through our beautiful country. But what I love to do best is make the products: selecting the ingredients, checking their smell, their properties, mixing them together to get a silky texture, customizing some products depending on certain skin conditions. This is my true passion! 

Ooops! The time runs by so fast. I already have to go back home to wear my Mum uniform and run between homework and activities and at least keep 1 hour for my elliptical bike. I definitely need it to let go of all tensions and stress of the day.

7pm: family time, playing cards and talking about the day, drinking a nice glass of red wine.

And what about dinner? I am fortunate. I have a chef at home - my husband. Yes, I know, a French cook at home! Believe me, this is another reason I have to do one hour of sport everyday  ;-)

But no day could be finished without a Reiki session or meditation. A relaxing time where all my cells are prepared to do their job during the night.

I am blessed every moment!